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Private Investors are an integral part of providing creative financing solutions for borrowers. It is Our Mission to be your Financial Partner by providing you with profitable opportunities and protecting you against risk. More specifically, we underwrite first position loans called First Trust Deeds based on the quality and long-term value of the collateral as well as the borrower’s ability to repay the loan. Private Investors can earn 8% to 12% annually* with the security of knowing that their investments are secured by real estate and backed by a large amount of equity in the real estate. We offer experience and expertise to help turn your cash into a stable, high yield income producing investment through Real Estate First Trust Deed Investing. Throughout history Private Investors have been a strategy of the elite. Due to today’s dynamic lending environment, an opportunity for everyday qualified investors has opened. Many people have lost money investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds with no collateral or guaranteed return. On the contrary, Real Estate First Trust Deeds are unique investments because they provide a high return, a secured asset and reduced risk calculated against the principal.


  • We only entertain lending opportunities on properties that we can secure with a First Trust Deed with a full 125% Alta Title Insurance Policy. ​
  • We offer conservative loan to values and only 1st trust deeds. For example, if a property is appraised today for $1,000,000 then we will not lend more than $600,000. That way if you are the investor on this property, you will not only look forward to collecting high interest on your money, but also in the case the borrower can’t pay back you acquire a property worth $1,000,000 for $600,000. Either way you Win!


We are a Proven company, with a Proven track record of funded deals, with happy Clients, and Profitable Investors.


  • No Mortgage Pools- Your money is not mixed with other people’s money into a pool or fund – you have full control.
  • You dictate which deals you are interested in. You only give money for specific deals that you are interested in when the deal you choose needs funding. We do not require you invest any funds prior.
  • You dictate the terms of the investment including types of property, location, period of time for payback, interest rate, etc.
  • Your money is secured against real estate, an appreciating  in value asset and perhaps the most stable collateral available. You are vested on each note and deed of trust with your personal name or trust or self directed IRA rollover account.
  • Your money is secure whether the borrower pays on time or not, based on the equity in the asset and the low loan to value ratio.
  • We do all the diligence and hard work for you to make it easy for you to decide if the investment works for you. We spend time researching, underwriting, and verifying every aspect of the loan file for you. You will receive from us the following at minimum to review an investment opportunity: loan application, preliminary title report, credit report, and appraisal.
  • You know your ROI, return on investment, before making your final decision to proceed.  It does not change like the stock market or other investments outside of your control.
  • This is a proven type of investing that has been around longer than the stock market


  • FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT TRUST DEED INVESTING: What exactly is a trust deed – and, what are trust deed investments?
    • Q: What are the benefits of trust deed investing?
    • A: A trust deed (or a deed of trust) is a document filed with a county recorder’s office indicating that there is a loan against a property – creating a secured lien on the property, providing collateral for the lender or lenders. (Terminology may differ outside of Florida – some states may use a mortgage instrument, for example – but the filing of some sort of lien is typical when mortgage loans are provided.) Trust deed investments are opportunities for individuals to provide these mortgage loans privately, working through a licensed intermediary like PB Financial Group Corp.
    • Q: What are the benefits of trust deed investing?
    • A: Trust deed investing offers a combination of high returns and monthly cash flow with a secured investment. Investors receive monthly interest payments on their invested capital as they would with a fixed income investment or money market fund, but the yields are typically higher based on the amount of risk involved Trust deeds also offer a vehicle for investing in real estate without the need to manage property. They’re an excellent way to diversify a portfolio. Plus, unlike publicly traded real estate related securities – e.g., CMOs, MBSs, REITs – trust deed investments are straightforward and easy to understand.
    • Q: What are the risks associated with trust deed investing?
      A: There are four main sources of risk with trust deed investing: property devaluation, interruption of cash flow (i.e., borrower fails to make payments), legal action, and, loss in the event of a foreclosure and sale of the senior lien.   Quick Close Loans, LLC aims to manage all of these risks on behalf of investors.  For example, requiring an appropriate loan-to-value (LTV) ratio keeps most risks to a minimum.
  • Private Investors seeking to place capital or purchase notes secured by Commercial Real Estate should contact:
    Mike Robbins, Founder
    Quick Close Loans, LLC

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