Why Call Now?

Why Call Now?

Why Call Now?


Is everything in your life going perfectly according to plan? Are you living in a never-ending state of bliss, powered only by your own perfections? Then congratulations. This post is not for you.

For all the rest of us, our lives contain many things that just aren’t quite the way we want them to be. Little things, or sometimes big things, that nag at us from the backs of our minds, distracting us from the good things that come into our lives. Some of these are beyond our control, like a rainy day ruining a picnic. But for many of the things that sometimes drive us crazy, we have the power in our hands to do something about it.

Maybe we can fix the problem. Maybe we could have prevented it. And maybe we can only change the way we react to it. But perhaps the worst thing one can do is sit there and simply tolerate it.

Almost all of us have something in our lives we’re simply putting up with because we choose not to tackle it head-on. Small things, like dirty socks on the floor instead of in the hamper. Bigger things, like needing to change the tires on your car. Or sometimes the biggest things, like facing a major financial issue head-on.

Instead of letting those things take up your time and energy, make a promise to yourself this week: Identify and tackle just one problem on your list instead of letting it continue to weigh you down. (Here’s a confession: writing this article has been on my list for weeks. I’m tackling it now!) Whether you pick a small one to gain momentum, or a bigger one because you’re feeling up to a challenge, once you decide to face it you’ll immediately start to feel better.

One thing we see a lot, in our day-to-day experience, is people facing debt or mortgage problems often are in denial.  They don’t get help until it’s too late.    One of the most common calls we get is “I am behind on my mortgage payments!  Can you just refinance this property”?

Yes, we have many financial options that can solve your mortgage problems.


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